Minor client

Minor client update is available.


  • Google’s LevelDB support is implemented, and used as transaction storage by default*;
  • The -nosynccheckpoints option is replaced with the new -cppolicy=mode option**;
  • RPC: blocktrust and chaintrust fields added into block dump function;
  • Many minor fixes and optimizations.

Win32 nosetup:

Win32 setup (don’t forget to uninstall previous version before):

Ubuntu LTS x86_64:

MacOS X Qt client:

Sources tree:


*) LevelDB is a low-latency data storage, optimized for multiple write operations. DB engine works in a separate thread, this also could improve wallet performance.

**) Possible values:

  • strict — default mode, verify blocks to satisfy syncronized checkpoints, and reject if necessary;
  • advisory — verify blocks to satisfy syncronized checkpoints, and display warning if necessary;
  • permissive — don’t perform any checkings.

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