Release 0.3.5

Version 0.3.5 builds published. Changes list:

  • Blocks v3 lock-in since height #14060;
  • Hardened checkpoint at #14189;
  • bnProofOfStakeLimit will switch to 256 * diff-1 target starting since height #15000;

You should remove blkindex.dat and blk0001.dat before starting new client, otherwise you will get assert exception.


Builds and blockchain snapshot:

NVC P2Pool 11.4.1

  • Fixed inaccuracy with wallet version checking.


Win32 py2exe build and sources snapshot:

Some news
  • NVC/USD pair planned on btc-e.
  • New hotfix release with changed bnProofOfStakeLimit and minor fixes will be published today.
  • Next major release will be based on bitcoin 0.8 codebase, we stopped work with 0.7 codebase due to serious issue in upstream. It’s planned at the end of April.
0.3.4 hotfix build

0.3.4 hotfix build is ready. It adds new hardened checkpoint at block #13560.

If you don’t have problem, which is described below, you can ignore this. But anyway, it’s recommended to apply this update, especially if you running mining pool or another service. It will prevent downtime possibility.

If you see “Invalid checkpoint found” message and your client switches to safe mode, you need to install this update and re-download the blockchain. By the way, with win32 client you don’t need sync og the whole blockchain, you can use files from the blockchain snapshot.

Win32 build:

Sources tree:

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