Currently we are working on LevelDB support, source tree will be updated soon. Testing snapshot is quite unstable, but syncronizes well enough.

LevelDB minimizes memory usage and makes syncronization faster, but there is also some Proof-of-Stake related side effects. E.g. validation of PoS block requires additional LevelDB transactions. As the result, performance benefits are lower than it would be for pure PoW based system.

Experimental Win32 build with LevelDB storage:

Reports are welcome.

If you wish to make your own build then you need “USE_LEVELDB=1” option.

UPDATE: merged into the main tree. Testers are welcome.
UPDATE2: memory leak found, thanks for the report


To paranoid personality

Add scrypt+sha512 key derivation method.

Disabled by default. You can use -derivationmethod option to choose which method will be used for wallet encryption keys generation.

Possible values:

* sha512 – default, compatible with bitcoin;
* scrypt+sha512 – selects scrypt derivation function.

Please note that this option only allows you to select default method. If you are already using encrypted wallet then suitable derivation method will be selected automatically.

Minor client

Minor client update is available.


  • New -stakepooledkeys* option. This feature is disabled by default;
  • Minor optimizations, call scrypt_blockhash once time instead of multiple times in some functions;
  • Support for scrypt+sha512** key derivation method. This feature is experimental, and disabled by default;
  • Small code cleanup.

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Minor client

Minor client update is available.


  • P2P: Don’t return IP addresses older than specified lifespan (7 days by default);
  • RPC: New addredeemscript and decodescript RPC calls;
  • RPC: The validateaddress now provides redeem script for P2SH addresses;
  • RPC: Users are now permitted to increase the keypool size at runtime, using an optional keypoolrefill‘s parameter;
  • RPC: Network stake weight calculation precision improvement;
  • RPC: Passive weight isn’t calculated anymore;
  • Minor fix: don’t display sync-checkpoint related warnings if sync checkpoints feature is disabled;
  • Minor fix: disable block signature verification during the initial block index checking, by default;
  • LOCKS_SWITCH_TIME conditions removed;
  • Checkpoints table is updated, some old checkpoints removed.

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Minor client

Minor client update is available for testing.


  • DNS seeding is enabled now;
  • Timestamp field added into checkpoints table;
  • Skip header signature checking while connecting a block (it’s safe because ProcessBlock still performs signatures checking);
  • Skip PoW header ECDSA signatures validation since block #9689 until the last checkpoint.

This should make synchronization process slightly faster.

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