Minor client

Minor client update is available.


  • P2P: Don’t return IP addresses older than specified lifespan (7 days by default);
  • RPC: New addredeemscript and decodescript RPC calls;
  • RPC: The validateaddress now provides redeem script for P2SH addresses;
  • RPC: Users are now permitted to increase the keypool size at runtime, using an optional keypoolrefill‘s parameter;
  • RPC: Network stake weight calculation precision improvement;
  • RPC: Passive weight isn’t calculated anymore;
  • Minor fix: don’t display sync-checkpoint related warnings if sync checkpoints feature is disabled;
  • Minor fix: disable block signature verification during the initial block index checking, by default;
  • LOCKS_SWITCH_TIME conditions removed;
  • Checkpoints table is updated, some old checkpoints removed.

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