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Rebuilt again.

[AMD64  | i686 | src]

  • Winsock related compiler warnings are fixed;
  • You don’t need repairwallet after upgrading anymore, wallet consistency being restored automatically during initial download process.

I guess that it’s a last testing build and v0.4.4.7 will be released at monday.

Testing builds were updated

Changes list:

  • Refactoring of Proof-of-Stake checkings code;
  • Remove some redundant messages from debug.log output;
  • Make stake related DoS checkings harder;
  • Database code is updated, direct CCoins links approach is implemented to decrease count of worthless flush and copy events;
  • Initial block download optimization, transaction hashes are cached now to make blocks validation faster;
  • Multiple CChainDB instantiations were replaced with a single CBlockTreeDB instance;
  • CCoinsDB and CBlockTreeDB are updated to use LevelDB storage;
  • gettxout and gettxoutsetinfo RPC calls added;
  • getblock and getblockbynumber RPC calls are now providing generator public key for proof-of-stake blocks.

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Testing branch

Testing branch has been updated.


Switch to unspent coins approach

This commit replaces old transactions index with unspent coins database
which contains a basic metadata like heights, amounts, coinstake/coinbase 
flags and timestamps.

We still need access to blockchain for proof-of-stake blocks validation. 
Currently CheckProofOfStake() uses the coin database to find the block height, 
and then scans that block to find the dependency of coinstake kernel.

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  • Core: Proof-of-Stake miner optimizations and cleanup;
  • Core: Remove BDB support;
  • Core: Automatically remove old transactions index database if that’s necessary, no runaway exceptions anymore.

P.S. Mac OS X build was replaced too.

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