NewYear commit

Cache scrypt hashes on disk
instead of recalculating every time. This policy is able to give us 10-20x startng speed up. User can disable caching with -fastindex=0 option.

Note that this commit makes blockindex code incompatible with old blockchain database files. You need to remove old blockchain files and syncronize with the network again.

Another changes:

1. Stake pooled keys are removed.

Happy new year, guys and ladies!

P.S. Builds will be published tomorrow.

Features planned for

Features planned for

  • Deterministic wallets, i.e. keychains generation from seed (user supplied or automatically generated, see Electrum for example);
  • Separated databases for keys and transactions, instead of wallet.dat; (Questionable)
  • Add support for free transactions and decrease the price for 1kb (i.e. bitcoin-like fees scheme);
  • Remove lower output value limit for user and coinstake transaction types;
  • Add maxtxfee configuration option and RPC call;
  • Include PoW block txfees into the PoW block reward (like bitcoin does, to make transactions handling more profitable in comparison with empty PoW block generation). (Questionable)
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