Pre-release 0.4.3

0.4.3 minor release planned for this weekend. Changes announce:

  • GBT speedup up to 10 times, to make stratum pools more reliable under high tx/s rates;
  • Stake generation statistics (available coins amount, current stake generation power) will be available through RPC;
  • Coinstake inputs adding policy will be a little more aggressive for some cases.

0.4.3 will be compatible with 0.4.2 in terms of database format and protocol rules.

Release 0.4.2

0.4.2 update is ready and published.

It includes a few changes in addition to new PoS ROI calculation algorithm, which was implemented in 0.4.1:

  • Fix for lk_max_locks exhaustion problem, more info is available here. It will become active since 20 Aug 2013;
  • 27 bits PoS target limit will become active since 20 Jul 2013.

Protocol update conditions:

  • 0.4.1 and 0.4.2 will be compatible with 0.3.5/0.4.0 until 20 June 2013.
  • 0.4.2 will be compatible with 0.4.1 until 20 July 2013.

An optimal way is update to 0.4.2 before 20 June 2013.

Release 0.4.1

Important changes are listed below.

  • Dynamic PoS interest. Now it’s a function of PoS difficulty, nRewardCoinYear = 1 / (posdiff ^ 1/6). It can have values from 100% to 1%;
  • Checkpoints ignore option added, disabled by default;
  • Bug fix for coinstake transactions display in QT client;
  • Bug fix for AvailableCoins function, prevents immature coins usage;
  • Mac OS X compatibility issues resolved, from now we publishing official Mac OS X 64 bit builds also;
  • New genesis block for testnet.

Update should be performed before 20 June 2013.

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