Pre-release 0.4.4

NVC 0.4.4 client builds will be available for testing soon.

Already merged changes:

  • Fix for integer division-related PoS rewards calculation issue (becoming active since 20 Sep 2013);
  • The final correction to PoS ROI curve (1/6 ==> 1/3 switch since 20 Oct 2013);
  • Upper limit for coinstake reward (will become active since 20 Oct 2013, description is available here);
  • Private keys dump and import functionality (dumpwallet and importwallet RPC calls);
  • User will be able to select wallet file for initialization by using -wallet=filename.dat option;
  • The -walletnotify=cmd option, provides an opportunity to execute external script on new transactions;
  • getbestblockhash RPC call added, also some getmininginfo, getinfo and listunspent improvements;
  • novacoin: URIs support is active now;
  • QR codes generation support is active now;
  • Some optimizations and bugfixes.
About p2pool

P2Pool currently works well, that’s true. But there is a plan to restart p2pool shares chain after 20 Sep 2013.

New NVC protocol changes will be activated since this date, allowing us to remove ECDSA signatures for PoW blocks and 0.01 coin lower bound for coinbase outputs. So, P2Pool diff with upstream will become significantly smaller than diff of current P2Pool implementation. Also it will provide an opportunity to run public nodes without current limitations.

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