Pre-release 0.4.4

NVC 0.4.4 client builds will be available for testing soon.

Already merged changes:

  • Fix for integer division-related PoS rewards calculation issue (becoming active since 20 Sep 2013);
  • The final correction to PoS ROI curve (1/6 ==> 1/3 switch since 20 Oct 2013);
  • Upper limit for coinstake reward (will become active since 20 Oct 2013, description is available here);
  • Private keys dump and import functionality (dumpwallet and importwallet RPC calls);
  • User will be able to select wallet file for initialization by using -wallet=filename.dat option;
  • The -walletnotify=cmd option, provides an opportunity to execute external script on new transactions;
  • getbestblockhash RPC call added, also some getmininginfo, getinfo and listunspent improvements;
  • novacoin: URIs support is active now;
  • QR codes generation support is active now;
  • Some optimizations and bugfixes.

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