Support for automatic time sampling over NTP

Support for automatic time sampling over NTP has been added into main sources tree. Now client tries to check whether there is ntpd running on current machine. And if it’s not, creates a time sampling thread in order to maintain better accuracy of timestamps which are given by GetAdjustedTime() function.

Now client supports automatic selection of optimal source of time between NTP, median of p2p clocks and system time.

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New libraries

Few weeks ago Balthazar have published a simple client implementation of Stratum protocol.

Currently working on pure C# implementation of basic NVC protocol features.

While libraries are far from being complete, this code already may be useful for block or transaction parsing, generation of addresses etc. The goal is to implement a minimum which is required to create our own implementation of Electrum client.

New build

NovaCoin client update u4 has been published.

It’s the mandatory update which should be applied before 20 Aug 2014. Database format is compatible with recent builds, so you don’t need to re-syncronize the blockchain.
CoinsDB engine isn’t stable enough for now, so I suppose that branch will be frozen for indefinite time. But its experience will be used in the branch.

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New build

NovaCoin update

Changes list:

  • QT: dumpwallet & importwallet from the menu;
  • QT: locking, unlocking & unlocking for mining from the menu;
  • QT: Display input weight in the coin control table;
  • QT: Proof-of-Stake miner status notifications in the GUI;
  • Core: New fees policy. Introduce 0.001 coin per 1kb traffic cost, allow free transactions below 1kb. Becomes active since 20 July 2014;
  • Core: Updated transactions verification protocol, allow timestamp drift for coinbase transaction to resolve p2pool mining issues. Becomes active since 20 August 2014.


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