New build

Novacoin repository has been updated.

Merged changes:

  • Additional script checkings against transaction malleability;
  • Multi-threaded script verification;
  • Watch-only addresses support.

Commit list could be seen here:

Q: Watch-only addresses? What is it?
A: Inputs with these addresses could be watched but it’s impossible to spend them.

Q: How is it supposed to work?
A: You can import address into your wallet, without importing any additional address info (i.e. private or public key).

Q: How to use it?
A: Open your RPC console and type: importaddress <novacoinaddress>. Here <novacoinaddress> should be replaced with novacoin address.

Q: Is there any limitation for addresses which could be used for this function?
A: You can use any address here, it’s not necessary to import own addresses only.

Unspendable inputs amount is shown at overview page

Unspendable in main window Novacoin-Qt

and in getinfo output

Unspendable in console

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