Non final release 0.4.3

Source code is available at github, Linux & Mac builds will be published soon.

Changes list:

  • Balanced PoS/PoW blocks weighting;
  • No minimum limit for coinbase outputs;
  • No ECDSA signature required for PoW blocks anymore;
  • No fee required for coinbase transaction anymore;
  • Built-in PoW CPU miner removed, now only PoS miner available in the wallet;
  • getmininginfo RPC now able to calculate stake power.

Highlighted changes which will be active on MainNet since 20 Sep 2013.

And don’t forget about ROI switch at 20 June 2013, less than 4 days remaining.

Protocol update: Preconditions and prospects

Protocol update: Preconditions and prospects.

Just like PPCoin, NovaCoin uses ChainTrust score instead of ChainWork (used by BTC, LTC and another PoW-based systems).

We decided to implement the new chain trust score calculation algorithm. It will prevent pure PoS double-spend attacks even without broadcasted checkpoints. Now I’ll try to describe, how it works in comparison with an old algorithm.
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