New build

NovaCoin update

Changes list:

  • QT: dumpwallet & importwallet from the menu;
  • QT: locking, unlocking & unlocking for mining from the menu;
  • QT: Display input weight in the coin control table;
  • QT: Proof-of-Stake miner status notifications in the GUI;
  • Core: New fees policy. Introduce 0.001 coin per 1kb traffic cost, allow free transactions below 1kb. Becomes active since 20 July 2014;
  • Core: Updated transactions verification protocol, allow timestamp drift for coinbase transaction to resolve p2pool mining issues. Becomes active since 20 August 2014.


Windows binaries:

Please note that we won’t publish unsigned win32 binaries anymore. If you ever see unsigned win32 binary then it’s better to treat it as a malicious executable by default.

MacOS X binary: NovaCoin-Qt-

Linux builds:

ARMv6 gnueabihf build is coming soon.

Notable issues:

If you are getting “Blockchain redownload required approaching or past v. upgrade deadline.” message then you have to remove your blockchain database files and resyncronize with the network again. You need to go to data directory and remove everything except wallet.dat file.

Data directory location:

  • ~/Library/Application Support/NovaCoin for Mac OS X
  • ~/.novacoin for another UNIX-like systems
  • %UserProfile%\Application Data\NovaCoin for NT 5 (Win 2000/XP, Win Server 2003/2003R2, Win XP x64 Edition)
  • %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\NovaCoin for NT 6 and greater (Win Vista/7/8)

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