Client update released.

This update incorporates all changes from “novacoin-next” branch.

  • Core: New proof-of-stake miner implementation. Performance issues resolved, almost 100x faster with massive inputs amount;
  • Qt: Coinbase/coinstake transaction records appearance unification;
  • Core: Remove BDB support;
  • Core: Automatically remove old transactions index database if that’s necessary, no runaway exceptions anymore;
  • Core: Transaction index is replaced with unspent coins database, ~20% drop of size;
  • Core: Batch block connection during initial block download;
  • Core: Don’t process PoS block coinbase in the ConnectBlock()/DisconnectBlock(), ~3-4mb smaller database size;
  • Core: Refactoring of Proof-of-Stake checkings code;
  • Core: Remove some redundant messages from debug.log output;
  • Core: Make stake related DoS checkings harder;
  • Core: Database code is updated, direct CCoins links approach is implemented to decrease count of worthless flush and copy events;
  • Core: Initial block download optimization, transaction hashes are cached now to make blocks validation faster;
  • Core: Multiple CChainDB instantiations were replaced with a single CBlockTreeDB instance;
  • RPC: gettxout and gettxoutsetinfo RPC calls added;
  • RPC: getblock and getblockbynumber RPC calls are now providing generator public key for proof-of-stake blocks.

32/64-bit Windows builds of release were uploaded to sourceforge.

Installation packages:
[AMD64 | i686]

[AMD64 | i686]

Sources tree:


Updated my linux packages for CentOS, Debian, Fedora, RHEL, openSUSE, Ubuntu-13.x at

Updated 64 bit build for Mac OS X is uploaded.

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