Another nightly build for win32 is available

Another nightly build for win32 is available.

Changes list:

  • Randomization of NTP sampling interval. Instead of static delay, current implementation of NTP client is choosing a random delay between 1 and 6 minutes in case of error or 1-6 hours in case of successful synchronization.
  • GetAdjustedTime() function uses p2p offset correctly if amount of NTP offset samples is unsufficient.
  • Additional NTP servers were added, new amount of servers is 162.
  • getinfo RPC call now provides you additional data about your system clock offset against NTP and the p2p median time.
  • Some irrelevant changes in the proof-of-stake miner.

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Move to https protocol

Subject: * RapidSSL Wildcard Order: 1……2 Complete

Dear A…,

Congratulations! RapidSSL has approved your request for a RapidSSL Wildcard certificate. Your certificate is included at the end of this email.

Today we are planning to move to https protocol on domain.

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