Current testing branch runs pretty stable for now. This branch is available here for public testing:

Basic list of changes:

1) Pruned transactions serialization support.

Pruned transaction records are now saved into coinsDB. These records are composed of 13-14 bytes of metadata (block height, coinbase/coinstake flags, block and transaction timestamp). This resolves all syncronization issues. Though currently there is no lifetime limit for such records, cleanup for old records will be implemented in the future versions of NVC client (this cleanup will be performed after reaching the 520-blocks maturity window, I guess).

2) Conflicted transactions handling.

New p2pool has been published

New p2pool has been published:

Win32 pyexe:

Please note that it uses a new share chain and has no relation with 11.4 version.

Network info:

  • PPLNS rewards system, N=4320;
  • 15 seconds shares target spacing;
  • Working stratum support;
  • ~20-30% lower share size.

Also there are no raw public keys anymore, regular wallet addresses are used instead.

Old network stat:

Next build based on

Done. Differences from

  • getsubsidy, getinfo, getmininginfo RPC calls now are identical to presented in;
  • automatic wallet transactions update during initial block download;
  • syncronization alert message removed;
  • block databases versioning support.

Linux 64 bit static build: link

Mac OS X build: link

Windows nosetup: i686, AMD64

Windows installer: i686, AMD64

Debian [ARM6L | i686 | x86_64]

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