Fixes for p2pool compatibility

Working on p2pool compatibility, so some fixes released in 0.2.4 build.


Adds new RPC call, which allows you to generate new public keys.


Adds incompatible changes in blocks signing, in order to make this transparent and decentralized. You need upgrade your client to new version before February 24.

The disclosure of problem:

Each miner in p2pool has his own output in coinbase. If there are N users, there will be N+2 outputs. Each of N outputs pays to miners according to their PPLNS work, and vout[N+1] pays donation % for developers of p2pool. The last output pays nothing and contains service information.Even if we modify p2pool to force it make vout[0] owned by winning share submitter, it’s not a solution, it’s only workaround. This will remove possibility of block construction by other users (not a miners of winning share).

I.e. only block founder will be able to submit winning share into cryptocurrency network. Because only miner of winning share has corresponding private key for vout[0].

If submission of block by winning share miner fails, nobody will be able to replace him, and block will be lost. Even if other p2pool nodes received all block data through p2pool network.

This problem can be solved with my patch, this allow users to sign block by using any private key, if this key corresponds with one of vout[N].

You can download binaries for linux x86_64/x86 and win32 here:

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