About merged mining

Quote from: Bitinvestor on February 26, 2014, 05:28:37 PM

It seems that merged mining for scrypt has arrived:


That makes me want to build a rig and start PoW mining again!
I think Novacoin should implement merged mining as well because it would make us truly energy efficient.

You are right about energy efficiency but there are a some problems:

  • AUX PoW is cost-free for a miner;
  • There are a few big mining pools which will be able to introduce a centralization into PoW mining.

These things are serious problem because one or two big LTC pools will take a major part of PoW emission for free. I presume that we shouldn’t introduce a possibility of this scenario, especially if the pool operator decides to keep mined coins for himself instead of distribution. Because it allows somebody to get a significant part of stake for free, which contradicts to the network security model.

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