New p2pool has been published

New p2pool has been published:

Win32 pyexe:

Please note that it uses a new share chain and has no relation with 11.4 version.

Network info:

  • PPLNS rewards system, N=4320;
  • 15 seconds shares target spacing;
  • Working stratum support;
  • ~20-30% lower share size.

Also there are no raw public keys anymore, regular wallet addresses are used instead.

Old network stat:

Next build based on

Done. Differences from

  • getsubsidy, getinfo, getmininginfo RPC calls now are identical to presented in;
  • automatic wallet transactions update during initial block download;
  • syncronization alert message removed;
  • block databases versioning support.

Linux 64 bit static build: link

Mac OS X build: link

Windows nosetup: i686, AMD64

Windows installer: i686, AMD64

Debian [ARM6L | i686 | x86_64]

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